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Manpower Services

Manpower Services


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Scorpion is proud to unveil our specialized Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Manpower Services, designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s industries. Our services provide skilled and experienced HSE professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of workplace safety and compliance.

Our Range of HSE Manpower Services Includes:

Occupational Safety

  1. HSE Manager & Executive: Strategic leadership roles responsible for overseeing the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of HSE programs across the organization.
  2. Safety and Health Officer: Dedicated professionals tasked with monitoring and assessing workplace environments to ensure compliance with health and safety standards and practices.
  3. Site Safety Supervisor: Personnel focused on managing daily safety operations on construction or project sites, ensuring all activities adhere to established safety regulations.
  4. Authorized Entrant & Standby Persons: Trained specialists who oversee and manage the safety aspects of entering and working in confined spaces, ensuring all safety protocols are strictly followed.

Occupational Health

  1. Occupational Health Doctor: Medical professionals who provide health oversight in the workplace, offering preventive care, emergency response, and consultation on occupational health matters.
  2. Occupational Health Nurse: Registered nurses specializing in occupational health, providing onsite medical care, conducting health screenings, and supporting health promotion and disease prevention initiatives.
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