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Welcome to the team: Mr Aliasman


Welcome to the team: Mr Aliasman


Introducing Mohamad Aliasman Morshidi, a seasoned safety professional boasting over two decades of expertise, commencing his career with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the esteemed University of Queensland, Australia, followed by an MBA from Mara Technology University (UiTM),  being a book smart, he completes his academic prowess as a safety and health professional, emblematic of his unwavering dedication to workplace safety.

Aliasman’s narrative unfolds against the backdrop of the semiconductor front-end manufacturing sector, where he honed his skills in engineering, supervision, and risk management within multinational environments. Transitioning seamlessly to the domains of construction and oil & gas, he spearheaded notable projects for Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Sarawak, Tanjung Kidurong-Suai-Bakam (TKSB) Road, and Assar Senari Independent Oil Terminal (IOT). Each endeavor serves as a testament to his adeptness in navigating challenging scenarios that extends beyond conventional roles, featuring equipment and process setup, technology transfer, chemical distribution system training, HAZMAT, and typical HSEMS to align facility setup.

In the domain of oil & gas, Mr. Aliasman assumes the role of a conductor, orchestrating comprehensive HSE plans to propel industry growth. Beyond his proficiency in safety protocols, he excels in training (including formulating training matrix), coaching, mentoring, and consulting, fostering a culture of safety among stakeholders. His achievements include establishing Integrated Management Systems (ISO14001 and ISO45001) and pioneering HSE competency frameworks, underscoring his multifaceted expertise.

Outside his professional endeavors, Mr. Aliasman contributes to the advancement of safety practices through academic publications, seminar presentations, and NGO collaborations. As a respected figure within organizations such as NRG-SHE and the Malaysian Society of Occupational Safety and Health (MSOSH), he champions the importance of OSH competency and ethical promotion in workplace environments and society at large.

As a freelance safety professional, speaker, and educator, Mr. Aliasman shares his wealth of knowledge through training initiatives and advisory roles. His leadership roles in key strategic panels and conferences, coupled with authorship of authoritative texts (see Note 1), exemplify his role as a thought leader shaping the future of safety practices. Currently affiliated with IOSH, IIRSM, and ASSP, Mr. Aliasman embarks on a new chapter with Scorpion Tact Services Sdn Bhd, poised to leverage his expertise to foster safer & healthier work environment

Note 1 : OSHMP2025 Strategy 3 External Panel, MSOSH2021 Masterplan, Industry Advisory Panel for UMP and City University, MSOSH OSH Professional Competency Framework, chairing the 39th MSOSH Award and APOSHO Conference and AGM 2023, MSOSH APOSHO Head of Delegate (2019 in China, 2021 in Japan, 2022 in Australia and 2023 in Malaysia) and Member of OSH National Examination Board 2020 – 2023. The author ND Co-Author for 2 books, “Etika dan Tadbir Urus Berintegriti: Pengurusan Keselamatan, Kesihatan Pekerjaan dan Persekitaran (UMP, 2023)” and “Occupational Safety and Health: Securing The Future (NIOSH, 2021) respectively.

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